McKelvie Lloyd Chartered Surveyors
Residential property knowledge - from medieval buildings to brand new houses


McKelvie Lloyd has wide experience in dealing with residential property of almost all types and ages, from medieval buildings to brand new houses. Our understanding of different construction types and defects, coupled with extensive knowledge of the local area, enables us to provide comprehensive and pragmatic advice.

Historic buildings are widespread throughout our area and include most of the traditional types of construction found in England. We have built up a particular expertise in older buildings, which we enjoy inspecting and advising on, including those with walls of stone, brick, timber framing or earth and roofs of thatch, stone slate, metamorphic slate, clay tiles or shingles.

We offer a wide range of survey solutions to meet the needs of different clients and different properties. Our surveyors will always take the time to discuss and explain the appropriate options, allowing our clients to make informed and cost effective decisions.

Below are our most commonly offered residential services.

Please contact us for an informal, no obligation discussion about your particular requirements.